Our Guardian Program

We are excited for your interest in our Guardian Home Program! Dogs are our passion. We feel it is a privilege to work among them day by day. We are continually looking for ways to give our dogs the very best life possible as well as creating a wonderful experience for our customers to have man's greatest companion by their side.

Our Guardian Home Program allows our breeding females the in-home family life experience they deserve. We cherish our girls for the Love and the companionship they give as well as their great conformation, wonderful temperaments, and genetics that we feel we want to pass on.

These girls deserve the best of the best. That is where you come in! The Guardian Home Program allows us as breeders to work full time with our dogs on our breeding program while maintaining the best of care for our females by allowing them to live life with a family like you instead of in a kennel. We can focus more of our attention on caring for and training our puppies and pampering their mama's during whelping.

It will benefit you as a new owner to take part in the joys of dog breeding without all of the work and an added side income.

Our dogs will benefit from having a home in your heart and the Love and care you give to it each day will transfer to the puppies they will have.


What it will look like for you:

  1. Tell us a little about yourself and why you would be a great fit for the Tender Paw Puppies, Guardian Home Program.
  2. Choose from our current Breeding Stock (Adult) or a current litter or any upcoming litters (puppy).
  3. Keep your dog up to date on vaccines and dewormer. Monitor the health of your dog as well as their heat cycles.
  4. Notify Tender Paw Puppies whenever your dog goes into heat.
  5. Your Dog will come to Tender Paw Puppies for breeding then return home to you for the gestation period.
  6. For whelping your dog will return to Tender Paw Puppies and begin her own nesting box where she can get cozy in a private environment suited just for her and her pups.
  7. You are welcome to come and visit your girl and her new litter after the pups are 2 weeks old.
  8. We will initially have an agreed upon number of litters that we would anticipate having based on the ongoing good health of your dog. Once she has completed the said amount of litters, she will be retired from the breeding program and Tender Paw Puppies will pay to get her spayed.



  1. Safe, Loving environment for the dog.
  2. Live within 300 miles of Tender Paw Puppies
  3. Communicate openly and honestly with Tender Paw Puppies.


What Tender Paw Puppies will offer you:

  1. Pick of the litter or choice breeding dog at a discounted price in exchange for a service.
  2. The initial price of the dog will be refunded to you after she has had her first litter of puppies. Each litter there after you will receive 7.5% of sales of the litter.
  3. Tender Paw Puppies will pay for or furnish the health tests, genetic tests, and any breeding related vet expenses. Tender Paw Puppies will also pay to get your dog spayed after completing the Guardian Home Program.

Ready to get started?

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