Choosing the Right One

Congratulations! You’ve decided that is the time to add a precious little pup to your family. Just as important as choosing the right breed, the decision of the right puppy is vital in making sure that it is a good match for a lifelong commitment. Since we have been watching the puppies grow and mature from birth, we usually have a good idea of which puppies are more laidback, which one tends to take the lead, and which ones have the most spunk and energy. Be sure to tell us what you are looking for in a companion. and describe what your family and lifestyle are like. Then let us help you in making this important decision! We will guide you and recommend which puppy or puppies we think might be the best fit.

When possible, we recommend an in-person visit to meet the available puppies. If that’s not possible, then be sure to request our recent videos of the individual puppies. It goes a long way in showcasing the personalities!

Deposit & Payment

Once you’ve decided on a puppy, a deposit will be required to hold that puppy until he/she is ready to go. The deposit is at least $500, and can be paid through Venmo.

The balance for the puppy is due at time of pick-up, or if we are providing transportation it will be due prior to the date of travel or before the puppy leaves.

Payment options: VENMO, Zelle

Shipping Options

Citizens Shipper
You would need to login and see how much the drivers would charge you, then the only fee you would have on our end is $65. For the state certificate, unless the driver doesn’t require it, then you would only pay the driver whatever they would charge you. This is our most popular shipping option. The drivers do a great job. They pick up the puppy by our house and deliver it to your house. The great thing about this website is you are able to choose your driver according to their reviews and according to their prices.The puppies address is 8020N 1150W Shipshewana IN 46565 and the puppies weight is approximately 15-20 pds.

Private Pilot
You can call or text him and ask how much he will need to fly a puppy from Sturgis Michigan to whatever destination you choose, he likes to use the smaller airports. To go this route we only need $60. To pay the taxi driver and you would pay the rest to him. His number is 678-381-6760.

Commercial Flight
The only airport that is available currently is American Airlines and they are kinda strict with their temperatures. They refuse to fly the puppy if it’s warmer than 85 degrees or colder than 20 degrees, on either the departure or the destination. And with the crate, health certificate, and all the other fees that are involved in commercial flights it comes to $550.

Travel trailer Deliverer
You can call or text Randy George and ask him how much he would need coming from Shipshewana Indiana going to your home. His number is 419-722-2712. He picks up travel trailers and delivers them out west all the time.Also ask him how soon he would be able to go through this area, if it’s quite a while after the puppy is ready to go then please go on one of the other routes as it is always best and easiest for the puppy to make that transition at an earlier age. We would recommend Citizens Shipper over him.

In Cabin Flight with Your Puppy
You can order airline tickets and come to South Bend IN, Fort Wayne IN, or to Kalamazoo MI and then you can rent a car and come pick up the puppy here at our location or We Can also deliver the puppy to meet you, but we have to hire a taxi driver to do that and they charge $100. We can do that if you provide that fee as well. Then you can fly The puppy back with you in cabin in a special crate . You can find these crates on Amazon. Search for ( airline approved in cabin pet carrier) they have to be TSA approved, they can’t weigh more than approximately 22pds to be able to fit in their crate.


You're excited to adopt a puppy but hesitant about potty training or crate training him/her.

No worries—we get it. At Tender Paw Puppies, we have years of experience training puppies and want to extend our expertise to you.

To apply for training stop by or contact us, and we will discuss what disciplines would suit you and your puppy best.

Starting at six-weeks-old, we will begin the process of potty training and/or crate training your puppy so that you get all the fun of adopting a pet without those annoying messes during the first few weeks.

The training process will cost $100 per week, and we will continue training for however many weeks you prefer.

You won't have to provide anything other than payments, which we will add to your bill once you officially buy your puppy.

Don't let the hassle of training keep you from picking the perfect pet.

At Tender Paw Puppies, we provide the skills you need to make adopting your puppy effortless and enjoyable.

Visit Tender Paw Puppies, apply for our low-cost training, and adopt your dream puppy stress-free!

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